This is the blog for the Intermediate Spanish 201 course at Hunter College

Spanish 202 is for students who can communicate comfortably in sentence-length discourse and who can link sentences to sustain a topic with some ease. In this course you will learn to express yourself in paragraph-like discourse through sentence clusters. In addition you will learn to read lengthy texts of some complexity and to begin writing both creative and expository texts. This blog is a repository of resources, activities, and students’ works.

Authentic readings solidify communication skills by providing themes for class discussions and written assignments, and as a context for the practice of grammar structures. The present, future and past tenses are reviewed and more complex grammar structures are introduced.

The process of acquiring grammar and vocabulary competence is accompanied by the exploration of the history and culture of Latin American, Spanish, and Latinxs, both in their countries of origin and within diasporic communities. In particular, this blog showcases the presence of Spanish in New York.